The Land of Naked People:
Encounters with Stone Age Islanders (2003)

"Lucid and heartfelt... A book of engrossing images and ideas that resound long after the telling"—Seattle Times

"If you find you've lost your faith in the mysteries of the world, The Land of Naked People is one anthropological thriller sure to knock you back into adequate stupefaction... Intellectually weighty and immensely readable."— San Diego Union-Tribune

"The book's strength is its unflinching look at conquest and the loss of cultural identity... to read Mukerjee is to understand the emptiness of an age when our species' historic vocation is no longer pursued anywhere on earth."—San Francisco Chronicle

"The Land of Naked People heralds the arrival of a major nonfiction talent. Madhusree Mukerjee has a rare combination of skills: she is an intrepid reporter whose prose is both poetic and precise."—John Horgan, author of The End of War..

"I love this book. It is a wonderfully readable, poignant account of a people who never stood a chance (and of the people who never gave it to them)."—Ian Tattersall, author of Extinct Humans.

"A beautiful, heart-wrenching hymn to a lost world. Mukerjee writes with grace, intelligence, and a deep empathy for a beleaguered people."—Steve Olson, author of  Mapping Human History.

Photos of Andaman Islanders

Policy Paper on Andaman Islanders

Madhusree Mukerjee

Great Andamanese woman and boys on Strait Island