"a bombshell book“–Harper’s

A"shocking, important study of Britain's treatment of India in the second world war."—Max Hastings, The Sunday Times, London

An important though uncomfortable lesson for readers who think they know the heroes and villains of World War II.” —Kirkus

A "savage indictment of Churchill’s policies...The horrific story that Ms. Mukerjee relates has been largely ignored in the vast volume of Churchillania produced in the last half-century.“—Washington Times

"Mukerjee has researched this forgotten holocaust with great care and forensic rigour... Her calmly phrased but searing account of imperial brutality will shame admirers of the Greatest Briton and horrify just about everybody else.“–The Independent

This book “reveals a side of Churchill largely ignored in the West and considerably tarnishes his heroic sheen.”–Time

“An epic indictment of British policies that cold-bloodedly caused the death of millions of ordinary Indians.”—
Mike Davis

“This gripping account of historical tragedy is a useful corrective to fashionable theories of benign imperial rule, arguing that a brutal rapaciousness was the very soul of the Raj.” —Publishers Weekly

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Dressing the Emperor: Response to Arthur Herman’s Review of Churchill’s Secret War

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(Now in US, UK, Indian and French editions)

Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India During World War II


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